Does Your Business Need to Run With Brown Hare?

Advanced B2B Ecommerce is a game-changer, but if you own or manage a business, you might wonder whether it’s something you need. After all, owners and executives have to make hard decisions and prioritize based on ROI expectations. There isn’t enough time or money to try everything, particularly when you have a small or medium-sized company with limited budgets.

What Advanced B2B Ecommerce Adds to Your Business

Customized B2B Ecommerce isn’t just an interesting technology – it’s a way to permanently boost your company’s sales. We have seen time and time again that smart investments in web development can pay for themselves quickly. Here are a few of the reasons why:

B2B Customers Like Customized Pages and Portals

When you can direct an important customer or client to an ordering portal that’s tailored specifically for their company, it streamlines the buying process. They can find the products they need quickly and without having to worry about choosing the wrong item.

You can even set customer-specific permission tiers and pricing levels. That means the companies you do business with can turn ordering over to managers and employees when it makes sense and do it all without having to deal with printed catalogs or complicated worksheets.

Tools Like Brown Hare Actually Save Your Business Money

Boosting revenue is important, but what about cutting costs? When you have customized online stores in place for important customers you can spend less on traditional sales and marketing campaigns.

Also, giving customers access to special versions of your online store decreases returns and chargebacks. Those don’t just waste time and money, they aggravate buyers. Why not use your ecommerce site to cut costs and improve customer loyalty at the same time?

B2B ecommerce Tools Give You a Long-term Advantage

We’ve already pointed out the reasons Brown Hare can pay for itself quickly. What’s potentially more important, though, is that it can give you a huge advantage over your competitors in the long run.

When your business customers have a convenient, mobile-friendly experience – not to mention one that’s streamlined and cost-efficient for you – they make it part of their normal ordering routine. That makes it incredibly difficult for other companies to break in and earn their business.

Want to See the Advantages for Yourself?

We know that integrating Brown Hare B2B Ecommerce software to your business could be the most significant decision you make this year, but we don’t want you to take our word for it.

If you’re ready to see our software in action, let us know so we can hop online and schedule a free demo today. Once you see how fast, powerful, and affordable Brown Hare is, you’ll be jumping at the chance to enjoy more online sales.

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