6 Core Components Necessary for Effective Online Ecommerce

6 Core Components Necessary for Effective Online Ecommerce

By Julie Short This blog was Posted on Tuesday, October  19, 2021 2 YEARS AGO

The mission of ISSA, and those of us in and serving the cleaning industry, is stronger than ever: promoting human health and healthy bottom lines. It’s an understatement to say these have been a challenging past 18 months. As shipping containers continue to stack up and truckers remain in short supply, it looks like new challenges are on the horizon.

That’s why we’re heading to the ISSA North American show. We’re excited to hear and share the stories of how we’ve all pivoted and innovated to meet these challenges and how we expect to continue to do so. 

CDC directives have gotten new prominence, so we’re taking inspiration from its Core Components of Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection to interpret how these six components show up in an effective online ecommerce experience.

INTEGRATE spreadsheets, order forms, and print catalogs into digital processes. You want an ecommerce platform that lets you get rid of anything that takes buyers outside the ecommerce experience. Your customers want a smooth, full-service, online purchasing experience.

EDUCATE buyers and prospects about your product offerings. Detailed, clear product descriptions raise their confidence to complete the purchase. Customize their online shop so it recommends relevant products based on their order history. Let them know what products are popular with others in the industry. The automated product recommendations should spark interest that can increase average sale value.

SELECT and present products based on each customer’s industry and business rules. Take educating buyers about new products based on past orders one step further. A customized online store recommends new or overlooked products based on the specific customer’s industry. The ecommerce platform should also empower your customers’ leadership teams by automating enforcement of their buying directives. Many companies require specific products to meet their safety or cleanliness standards. Build their trust that their company purchases will always comply with their mandate.

STANDARDIZE the pricing and discounts available for each customer, so each employee who logs-in sees the right pricing for their company. You need a sales platform that lets you set multi-tier pricing, so your most loyal buyers are always getting the best prices.

MONITOR impact data that gives insight you can use to improve sales and tighten relationships with your valuable customers. Detailed reports help you glean business insights about your customers, sales patterns, and product profitability so you can boost your bottom line.

PROVIDE an intuitive ecommerce portal solution for your buyers that makes buying easy. Your customers expect a shopping portal to have a clean, natural user interface. The less friction your customers feel as they shop, the more often they’ll buy. A purchase process without obstructions encourages repeat orders, higher order values, and fewer abandoned carts.

Bringing the Cleaning Industry Together

The ISSA Show is next month in Las Vegas. It’s an outstanding chance for everyone who works in the cleaning industry to come together - in person - and strengthen the community.

We’ll be there, enthusiastic to expand our knowledge by talking directly with people in the cleaning industry. We’ll also be sharing our expertise on building an effective online ecommerce presence on our Brown Hare B2B Ecommerce platform.

All six of the components we discussed here show up on the Brown Hare platform. You can check it out here. If you’ll be at the ISSA show next month, be sure to stop by Booth W-4327 in the new exhibitor section. 

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