Answers To Some Of The Most Asked Questions

Why Does My Company Need a Customized B2B Online Ordering Platform?

Customized B2B portals will take your online store to a whole new level. They make it easier and more convenient for bigger customers to work with you, leading to increased sales and profitability. In fact, the response we have heard from new Brown Hare clients is “I really wish we had done this sooner.”

When you give your customers access to a custom-built online store, some really wonderful things start to happen:

  • They order more from you and purchase more frequently than they did previously.
  • Your marketing and advertising costs decrease because you don’t need print catalogs and flyers.
  • Your time is better spent and your client accounts receive more value.
  • Billing, inventory, and customer service are greatly simplified and made more efficient.
  • You enjoy fewer returns and chargebacks because your customers order the correct products.

What Makes Brown Hare Different from the Other Custom Ecommerce Systems I’ve Seen?

There are really two things that set Brown Hare apart.

The first is that Brown Hare provides tremendous value. We work almost exclusively with small and medium-sized business clients who don’t have time or money to waste. Our B2B e-commerce platform is built with you in mind – a fully-functional system to increase and automate sales in a way that delights customers… and all without extra costs or complications getting in the way.

With Brown Hare, you can offer fully branded and customized versions of your online store, complete with unique logins, discounts, catalogs, and volume pricing tiers. You get access to detailed reports, one-on-one support, and an entire system that has been designed and tested to increase your sales.

The second thing that makes Brown Hare different is the team behind it. Our developers have a 20+ year track record of service and success, something most of our competitors can’t match. If you want to work with a vendor who will be there will you need them, we are the right choice.

How Do I Know if My Company Needs the Online Ordering Portal or the Quick Order System?

Although they have the same core capabilities, these two products are slightly different. The Online Ordering Portal creates custom, secure logins within your online store. The Quick Order System sends customers to a custom URL with a scaled-down version of your catalog for fast ordering.

The Online Ordering Portal is perfect for situations where you want to give customers 24/7 availability to a special section of your mobile-friendly online store. It lets them place new orders within minutes, enjoy secure checkouts, and track purchases in a flash.

Quick Order is ideal for instances where you want customers to see a limited range of products and prices, and don’t want or need them to visit your regular e-commerce site. They get a quick, efficient, and fully customized shopping experience every time they use this feature.

If you want to know more, or aren’t sure what solution might be right for you, contact our development team directly to schedule a free demo.

What is the Cost Associated With Brown Hare B2B Ecommerce? 

Brown Hare is the ideal, cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses that want to generate more sales online. We spent a lot of sleepless nights finding ways to streamline the customization and ordering process while bringing costs down. You won’t find a better revenue-generating B2B e-commerce tool for less.

To really get a sense of how Brown Hare can propel your online store forward, schedule a demo today!

Will It Take a Long Time to Get Brown Hare Up and Running?

The exact answer will depend on the details of your project. However, we are usually able to install Brown Hare and create fully functional platforms in a matter of weeks, making us amongst the fastest in our industry.

Contact the Brown Hare sales team to discuss timeframes and specifics.

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